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Regenerative Surgery

“Regenerative Surgery”, I refer to the newest technologies and tissue forms that I have learned to use to help difficult wounds heal, that I use to optimize my surgical results.

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Regenerative medicine is often talked about as there are technologies available to help cells proliferate, enhance, and restore. Similar technologies are available in the management of difficult wounds. Many patients with chronic non-healing wounds need to boost their wound to reenergize the cells to proliferate, enhance, and restore. Well, I have learned that when I operate on these wounds to close or replace the tissue defect, the risk of the surgery NOT working is high. I have implemented the use of regenerative tissue matrices to help optimize my surgical success. Additionally, I have learned that with the addition of these regenerative matrices that even if my surgical outcome is not perfect, and a wound reoccurs, the addition of the regenerative tissue matrices will still facilitate ultimate healing. The end result is a healed wound. This is the goal.