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Our Patients Are Talking

Patient Testimonials and Reviews for Dr. Desvigne and his professional staff.

I was really having a tough year and I needed anything to boost my spirits. I went to Dr. Desvigne for a consultation and was immediately impressed with how knowledgeable and kind the entire staff was. When I met Dr. Desvigne I knew right away that I would be in good hands. No need to search further, I knew what I was going to do. Dr. Desvigne is very caring and truly wants what is best for his patients. Before, during and after my procedures I had the pleasure of being in his surgical nurse Ashley’s care. She is the most knowledgeable and kind nurse I have ever known, actually the best nurse ever! Although I am still healing from the procedures, I can see a huge improvement. I cannot praise the entire staff enough!

RealSelf User – Phoenix, Arizona

I had surgery in late May in my right hip that didn’t want to heal. I had treatment at a wound clinic thru November. I had an ugly incision that went right into my hip joint that required a vacuum device to control drainage and to encourage healing. A wound clinic treated me for months but the drainage continued and the ugly wound remained. End of November, five months later I saw Dr. Desvigne who operated on December 12, 2019,the fourth procedure I had gone through. The drainage stopped and the wound immediately started closing and looking much better. By mid January the wound had closed and I was moving a lot better. Now all I have is scar.

Carol Morgan

After spinal spinal cord surgery I was fighting pressure sores for almost two years, I had weekly office visits to doctors and nurses along with twice a week visits from home health care nurses who used wound vac’s, different creams/medicines and other methods for healing with no improvement. I then got a referral to Dr Desvigne for surgery which went great, after surgery I was on bed rest for five weeks while at the care facility a number of the wound nurses commented on how well the surgery site looked and how good it was healing. I was doing physical therapy the sixth week. I’m very happy with the surgery and how how well it healed I just wished I would’ve had the surgery done sooner. I highly recommend Dr. Desvigne for plastic surgery.

Thanks Dwayne