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Peer to Peer Education

Fixing real people with real problems

Posted June 26, 2020 in Uncategorized

As a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, I have been well trained to perform a variety of surgical procedures. While I have enjoyed cosmetic surgery, I have recently focused my efforts on a challenging group of patients in need of help “fixing a problem.” The problem may be a result of cancer, the problem may be the result of a surgery that failed, or the problem may stem from a systemic disease such as diabetes, venous insufficiency, arterial insufficiency, or other autoimmune diseases that may result in a non-healing wound. Restoring tissue, restoring lives, one patient at a time.

My background is uniquely fitted for this endeavor. I feel that this area provides me the opportunity to use all of my training and experience toward one goal: Fixing a problem.

I invite my peers and my patients to share experiences and ask questions.